Attention Self Publishing Authors!

Action Printers can help

Action Printers has the professional experience to help you get your book published.

Action Printers can help you with:

  • Editing
  • Formatting files (text and photos)
  • Formatting for eBooks
  • Page size options
  • Soft or hard covers
  • Binding options
  • Perfect bind
  • Saddle stitch
  • Coil or wire
  • UPC Codes
  • ISBN Registration
  • Website for Marketing

Read below what some of our authors have to say about working with the Action Printers:

My name is Diane Myerson, and I have successfully self published seven books. I owe it all to the amazing services offered by Action Printers. They have guided me in the world of publishing. The variety of styles, art work, print selections, and complete organization of my work I owe to them. They are not just a printing business. Their support, encouragement, and guidance has taught me so much, and the people I have met through Action printers, are now friends as well as business associates. It has been and will continue to be a rewarding experience, with many more books yet to come.
As a first time author, I was overwhelmed with the challenge of getting my autobiography “American Theme Park” printed. I looked at Internet self publishing solutions but did not like the “sign up with us and spend money first” sales pitch I received. A friend of mine had published a small autobiography with Action Printers and had been very pleased with the results. On his advice I brought my project to the staff at Action. I had a very short timeline in which to get the book printed. The service and expertise provided by Action Printers enabled me to get my book finished on time with exceptional quality. The entire process from first meeting to delivered books was a delightful experience. I would not hesitate to bring any future project to the wonderful family of Action Printer employees.
Writing a book can be a mind numbing, time consuming process. By the time your finished you just want to relax and throw the book in the corner-but you can’t. Now comes the time to get it printed and published. When I finally got to this point I counted on Action Printers to take over in finishing the book. This was a very good decision on my part.
I had checked with numerous printers in the Northwest and was dismayed at the callousness they had in dealing with a new author. Some didn’t return phone calls, others weren’t concerned in anything but the final numbers browse around this web-site. Since I’m a new author I had some basic questions in the printing process and was treated disdainful by other printers. That my questions were stupid and I should already know the answers-but I didn’t!
When I asked these basic questions with Action Printers they bent over backwards to help me. They understand the apprehensiveness a new author experiences in having their book printed and published and they took me by the hand through the whole process.
Action Printers is the place to have your book published!