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About intelliPaper

intelliPaper grew from an idea that originated in 2008, and is based in Spokane, Washington. Our mission is to provide innovative low-cost data sharing solutions.

intelliPaper is a business committed to providing the highest quality, cost-efficient products in the data sharing consumer industry to all our valued customers. We adopt and utilize the latest technological innovations and processes in the industry, while ensuring the welfare of our team members—our most valuable asset… key to intelliPaper’s survival, growth and profitability. Our competitive advantage is our commitment to integrity, social responsibility, and ethical priorities.

Our core values as a company are: honesty, cooperation, innovation, hard work, and family. Because of these values we are concerned with running the business both professionally, as well as in a socially responsible manner. Fundamentally, at the heart of everything we do, is the awareness that a personal loving God is the Creator and Giver of all things.

intelliPaper® seamlessly bridges the gap between print and electronic media.